The 5 things you should discuss with your hairdresser before you make any big change to your hair.

Communication is Key for a Successful Hair Makeover!

Seasons come and go and you feel you need a change. You always think about changing your look but you never take the decision. After all what should you go for? A new hairstyle? A daring colour, or an extreme haircut? You might even be afraid that what you have thought won't fit you and you are confused!

Girl we got you!

Before actually do the right thing for your look, discuss those 5 points with your hairdresser and dispelled all ambivalence.

1. Explain your Personal Style

The moment you enter the hair salon we will be able to tell what’s your style. Are you Rock or classic chic – Boho or Riot Girl – we could tell!

However, its necessary to discuss and reveal more about your personal style and taste with your hairdresser. Are you going for a radical style change? Do you want to experiment with the fashion trends? It’s important to understand that whatever your personal style is, your hair is the one that will communicate that style holistically to the outside world and highlight your personality.

2. Mention any scalp problems you have.

Think your hairdresser as your personal hair doctor. You have to be sincere with him/her and always share if you have any scalp issues, such as dryness for example.

In case there is a problem with you scalp, you hairdresser will take care of you in the wash-basin (you might need to undergo some special scalp treatments) and he/she will avoid demanding and hard techniques that might enhance the problem, such as decoupage.

Με αυτόν τον τρόπο θα ξέρει αν πρέπει να αποκλείσει εξ αρχής κάποιες προτάσεις που ενδεχομένως να έχει να σου προτείνει για την αλλαγή στο look σου.

3. Mention the environment where you spend most of the day as well as your activities.

It is widely known that the environment affects our hair f your job is a chef in a restaurant for example then it is very likely that your hair will become oilier than it should due to working conditions, or you may be in an office that has air conditioning and this will dry out your hair more. You may also go to the gym often and do intense exercise during the week, then you're almost certainly sweating and probably need to wash more often.

These factors will help your hairdresser to guide you in making the right choice for a hair change, as it is very likely that you will need to change your hair routine to something more demanding. That might involve more styling and more visits to the hair salon to align your daily routine with your new look.

4. And since we talked a little about routine and lifestyle, the next topic of conversation is to explain more about your hair routine.

Once you sit down with your hairdresser to discuss what change you want to make to your hair, he/she will have already scanned the quality of your hair and will know whether you have textured or fine hair. Now it your moment to discuss your hair drama!

Your hair doesn't set and frizz, it’s flat without volume, when you wash your hair, what products you use, what's your go-to hairstyle, how you prefer your parting, and much more!

There is a high chance that you are treating your hair poorly and that this is affecting the overall behaviour of your hair. Then along with the change in your look will inevitably come the change in your hair routine. This will include tips on how to treat your hair correctly from shampooing to products for quick and easy styling - and finally that change you've been wanting for so long will be the most correct decision you've ever made!

5. Emphasize to your hairdresser the features you love on your face!

No we don’t consider you as a show off! Quite the contrary, we admire women who love, take care themselves and embrace all their beauty, even the less favourite parts of their image. That’s confidence, don’t you agree?

So, its time to express loud and clear what you love about your face! Maybe the change you need is as small as a fringe! Your hairdresser will help you bring out your beautiful face with a haircut or change your hair colour to highlight more of your eye colour!

Whatever your final decision on changing your hair, big or small, it's time to do it! Just trust the expert, discuss without shame, show your true self and the result will be better than you thought! Are you still thinking about it?

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