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Hydration & Shine

- For dry, dull, and lifeless hair.

Revive dehydrated hair. The secret to this treatment lies in the choice of ingredients. Borrowed from skincare, Immortelle and Evening Primrose are the stars of this treatment. Designed to provide hydration, shine, and softness. With each step, you will notice increased rejuvenation and ease in styling. From the precious scents to the experience reminiscent of a private spa.

Repair & Protection

- For colored, highlighted, or bleached hair.

Healthy hair reflects light and enhances the appearance of any hair color, whether natural or created by a hairdresser. Because color-treated hair is susceptible to increased damage from chemical, thermal, and UV exposure, it's crucial to protect and repair it. Therefore, we recommend this system to our clients to increase shine and elasticity and improve the overall quality of their hair.

Healthy, balanced scalp and hair.

- For all hair types

Scalp care is the trend of the times and has become essential in all aspects of hair care. By taking care of the scalp, every hair type is instantly revitalized. It addresses irritated, dry, or oily scalps, as well as issues related to weather changes. This system enhances hair and scalp health, creating balance while soothing the scalp and hair.

Smoothness & Anti-Frizz

- For unruly, textured, or frizzy hair.

The problem with frizz affects every hair type differently. Whether the cause is dry hair or environmental conditions, this treatment will smooth and tame frizz with the power of Manoi oil, Shea butter, and Murumuru butter. We enhance the health of your hair, giving you control over your style again.

Volume & Density

- For Fine, Flat, or Limp Hair

If you're struggling with thin, flat, or lifeless hair, we have the solution for you. Our treatment is specifically designed to boost volume and density, giving your hair the lift and fullness it needs. With the power of innovative ingredients such as biotin, collagen, and plant extracts, we enhance the health of your hair, providing natural-looking volume and a revitalized appearance. Say goodbye to limp locks and hello to voluminous, vibrant hair.

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Keratin Treatment

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Hydration with an Ampoule

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Organic Hair Mask

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Treatment with an Ampoule

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K18 Hair Treatment

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