5 Mistakes women with curly hair make

It is a fact that your curls can look amazing as well, just as long as they are properly hydrated

You love your curls, but for an unexplained reason they look nothing with the fascinating models in the magazines. You think your curls frizz so easily and that’s why they lack the perfect spiral shape and shine?

Your curls can look amazing too, but you compare your curls with the ones on the magazines and that’s obviously wrong.

The quality, quantity and thickness of the hair differ.

You might have thick or thin curly hair.

However, no matter the type of your curly hair, you must keep in mind that every hair need HYDRATION. In this article you will see some common mistakes you might also do that prevents you having fantastic curls.

Mistake no1

You wash your hair with the wrong product – probably commercial.

Proper Hair Day starts with the right wash. . If you select shampooing your hair with the typical commercial products that are not probably for your hair type, you better stop.

Commercial products are full of awful quality chemicals which focus mainly on creating foam rather than caring for your hair. That creates the illusion that you clean your hair properly, however you must know that especially curly hair need their natural oiliness.

Find out her why commercial products are not appropriate for hair and scalp.


Invest in a professional shampoo and a professional conditioner both appropriate for your hair type. So simple!

In this way you will set the foundation for proper hair care.

Mistake no2

You do not use Leave-In Conditioner

As we already stated, curly hair need hydration.

Leave-In conditioner works practically as a hair treatment, as it locks moisture in your hair.


Use a professional Leave-In conditioner apart from your regular conditioner.

Separate your wet curly hair into three parts (according to the volume of your hair) and apply Leave-In conditioner in each part. Then, using a comb or a brush spread the product to every part of your hair.In this way all your hair will be moisturized evenly.

Mistake no3

You use styling products on dry hair

This practice tends to frizz your hair. Just like Leave-In conditioner, styling products must be applied using the same technique –  in wet hair and evenly.In such way you will ‘lock’ moisture in your hair. Solution:


Keep by your side a spray bottle with water to wet your hair while styling them.

Mistake no4

You are lazy

Curly hair need care and proper treatment.

If you are too lazy to take care of them, you will never have the curls you want.


Follow the first three steps and do not avoid using Leave-in conditioner and styling products.

It’s really important to follow the above suggested techniques when applying products to your hair.This is when you will have the best result for your curls.

Mistake no5

You blow dry your hair wrongly

Not only that, but also you keep touching your curls while blow drying them.


If you prefer using a diffuser to dry your hair rather than allowing your hair dry naturally, then apply the diffuser in low volume and do not move your head too much or touch your curls nor with your fingers neither the diffuser.

On the contrary, move the diffuser slowly around your hair.

Do not touch your curls until they are completely dry.

When you are fully done with blow drying then you can turn your head upside down and separate your curls with your hands by twitching slightly.

This final step is very important because with all the above steps we have managed to seal the moisture in the curls without "upsetting" them with heat and intense movements of our hands. Therefore, the curls will no longer frizz, will have a nice natural spring-like movement and will last until the next shampoo!

You can do this process once a week when you have time, and keep your styling until the next shampooing.

Extra Tip: Use silky pillowcases to keep your hair from frizzing while you sleep.

This way the styling will last and you'll wake up every day with gorgeous curls without having to do anything!

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