Professional Hair Shampoos vs. Commercial Shampoos | 4 Major Differences

Hair Shampoos

As professional hairstylists dedicated to prioritizing hair health, we've often heard our clients wondering whether professional hair shampoos are better than commercial ones. We completely understand why consumers have some questions:

Low Vitamin and Protein Content - Essential for Hair Health: One of the main reasons commercial shampoos are cheaper than professional ones is their low content of vitamins and proteins.

Despite advertising some of these ingredients, commercial shampoos actually contain very small amounts. Instead, they substitute vitamins and proteins with large quantities of chemical ingredients like alcohol, parabens, silicon derivatives, sulfates, etc.

On the other hand, professional hair shampoos are rich in hair-friendly ingredients, promoting scalp and hair health. This is why their cost is higher.

High Sulfate Content: Commercial shampoos have a high sulfate content compared to professional shampoos. Sulfates create a rich lather in shampoo but can affect the duration and shine of dyed hair, causing it to fade faster. This is a crucial reason why we recommend professional shampoos, especially for colored hair.

No Focus on Scalp Issues and Different Hair Types: Shampoos claiming to be suitable for all hair types are not the best choice. Professional shampoos focus on different hair types and problems. Using the right shampoo for your hair type will instantly improve hair quality and health.

Price and Quantity: Price is a significant factor that many consumers consider when choosing commercial shampoos. However, when we look at it proportionally:

  • Product Quantity During Application: Professional shampoos require a small amount to clean your hair and scalp effectively. They may produce less lather due to low or zero sulfate content, but this doesn't matter when it comes to cleanliness.Time Between Washes: Frequent washing is a reality for many women. Using the right professional shampoo for your needs or a combination of needs (e.g., oily scalp and dry ends) allows you to wash less often. If you wash less frequently and manage to maintain your hair until the next wash, you save money and time.
Unfortunately, with commercial shampoos, you won't achieve any of the above because of the high sulfate content, leading to greasier hair and more frequent washing, as well as dehydrated ends, resulting in hair breakage.

In conclusion, professional products ultimately benefit you more, saving product quantity and time during application and providing visible results for your hair. Imagine how your hair will look in a few weeks if you start using the right professional shampoo for your hair type!

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