Hot Tips: How to use hair straightener efficiently and safely at home.

Hot Tips: How to use hair straightener efficiently and safely at home.

As hair experts we are aware of the popularity of curly hair, loose curls, or wavy curls.

The curly hairstyle is the most sought-after, even among brides, because it looks natural, gives volume, not to mention that highlights a good hair technique like balayage.

The hair experts of B.A.M. Hair Salon are happy to share with you all the Hot Tips for safe use of thermal tools. Below you will read how to create your favourite hairstyle at home, always in the safest way to maintain the quality and health of your hair.

Adequate preparation, is the key to use safely thermal tools

In order to do the whole process correctly, safely and for a long-lasting result we recommend styling your hair directly after washing them. It is also important to use a leave-in conditioner and a styling product which will apply in hair and dry them using a blow dryer.

Using leave in conditioner is very important as it is a treatment that will keep the moisture levels in the hair, taking care of the lengths and ends of your hair even after using thermal tools.

The steps for safe use of thermal tools at home

1. Thermal Protector⁠

A thermal protector is a product that is not necessary when we are about to apply heat.

However, if you are about to style 2nd+ day dry hair we do recommend you use a thermal protector which does not require drying and it can be applied on dry hair.

2. Hairstyle

The temperature of the hair straightener or scissors

3. The temperature of the hair straightener or scissors

We recommend not to use a hair iron at home above 180 C especially on thin and medium hair.
It’s better to leave the end out of the process or trim them with quick strokes. ⁠

⁠4. Hair oil

Choose an oil/ treatment that will lock in moisture and give shine to the length and especially to the ends of the hair

5. All day hold Hairspray

For the final touch, finish with a hairspray that will give texture, volume and hold your hair all day long, or simply a hairspray for curls that will allow them to move and have elasticity.

Heat hair styling on 2+ day hair is called "last-minute or emergency styling" and we do NOT suggest to try it more than once a week.

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