Herbal Hair Dyes | Differences with ammonia-free hair dyes.

Plant-Based vs. Ammonia-Free Hair Dyes

Many modern women seek natural hair dye for their hair color. However, what are the differences between natural hair dyes and ammonia-free hair dyes? Striving for fewer chemicals, many women look for natural hair products that simultaneously provide excellent results in covering grays and offering a variety of colors and shine.

Is there really a plant-based hair dye? The answer is yes, and it's called Henna.

Henna is a 100% plant-based hair dye, containing pigments directly sourced from nature and free from ammonia.

In contrast, other hair dyes marketed as natural have a base of plant ingredients but undergo chemical processing.

The differences between plant-based Henna dyes and ammonia-free dyes are significant.

Pharmacy hair dye products often fail to deliver promised results.

Inadequate coverage of grays, short color duration, and hair dehydration are some essential differences.

On the other hand, our recommendation is ammonia-free hair dyes.

They are cosmetic without compromising hair quality and health.

They ensure 100% coverage of grays and offer an extensive variety of shades, including popular red and copper tones.

These are the key differences between plant-based Henna dyes and ammonia-free dyes. Remember that a pharmacist specializes in drugs, while for your hair, you always trust your hairdresser, who knows precisely what your color needs!

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