Unlocking Healthy Hair: How to Begin Your Hair Care Journey

This is the sign to restore the health of your hair!

It’s about time to think about the health of your hair.

Do you feel like your hair is dry and dehydrated, breaking, frizzing, lacking shine and elasticity, looking limp and dull?

Are your hair burned or damaged from bleaching?

This is the sign to restore the health of your hair, with tips to start fresh, from the hair experts at B.A.M. Hair Salon!

This may seem like a serious challenge to you

and you keep putting it off because you're getting to the point where you don't know how to manage your hair in everyday life.

And so, you find yourself falling into the vicious cycle again, using heat for styling every day, constantly undergoing chemical treatments like bleaching, thinking only how you want your hair to look like – which might be incredibly challenging to achieve and maintain without damage.

The vicious cycle of burnt - damaged hair

You resort to very budget-friendly products that promise amazing hair, but in the end, they make your quality worse.

Since they are budget-friendly, you'll try a few more, cluttering your shelves and filling yourself with stress and an empty wallet.

And the cycle starts all over again.

How to get started?

1.Cut your hair

If you're wondering why your hair isn't growing, that’s the answer.

When you notice your roots growing, but your hair remains the same length, it's because the ends are breaking.

That's why hair experts recommend getting a haircut every 2 months, even if it's just a small trim.

This way, you prevent dryness and split ends that would otherwise start moving up from the tips towards the length of your hair.

Follow the current downstream:

You'll need to cut a significant amount of your hair to get rid of the damage.

Because they might seem short to you, you'll likely postpone the haircut you should have done two months ago.

Your hair will start becoming dehydrated and developing split ends again, but since your goal is to grow your hair longer, you postpone the haircut.

Your hair ends up like before. You must do something about it!

You'll cut a significant amount of your hair to get rid of the damage.

Now, they seem too short to you,so you postpone the haircut again that you should have done two months ago.

Your hair ends up like before.

And you've gotten yourself into another vicious cycle you can't escape.

And you wonder why your hair isn't growing longer.

Isn’t it the time to face your fear?

"The most effective way to have healthy long hair is through regular haircuts, and Prevention is the best treatment."

2. Do Salon Treatments

At bamhairsalon we show our love for hair by treating each type and need individually and tailor made.

Depending on what your hair needs, we will find the right treatment or a series of treatments that will perfectly cater to your hair's needs.

The treatments we offer for damaged hair at bamhairsalon include K18, Integrity Reconstruction Systems, Love Curls by Davines, as well as a wide variety of hair and scalp treatments from Kevin Murphy.

Therefore, there's no way we can't find the right combination of treatments for your hair!

3. Simplify your hair colour

You do not have to stop doing colour techniques on your hair.

What we strongly recommend is to extend the color technique you usually do and upgrade it

A toner will mellow any highlights or balayage that has gone down and give your hair a sparkle.

Another effective trick to prevent your hair from looking neglected is to add two face-framing highlights to the front section of your hair. This can upgrade an old balayage or refresh faded highlights

Remember, the only way to start your healthy hair journey is with a visit to the salon.

In B.A.M. Hair Salon we can answer all of your questions and will guide you to take the right steps to successfully restore the health of your hair effectively and in a shorter time

At the same time,we will educate you so that you can continue on your own, using hair-friendly products and treatments for damaged hair that are gentle on your scalp, quality, and hair type. This way, you'll know how to maintain this result forever."

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