Double wash: The secret for less washes during the week

B.A.M. hair salon experts to the rescue! We will help you train your hair require fewer washes depending on its type.

Double wash :

The secret for clean hair with less washes

n summer, the heat, sweat, and sea are valid reasons why you wash your hair every day.

But did you know that for healthy, shiny, and oil-free hair, the secret is less washes?

B.A.M. hair salon experts to the rescue! We will help you train your hair require fewer washes depending on its type.

Frequent VS Sparse shampooing

The frequency of shampooing is relative and proportional to the type of hair you have.

Frequent shampooing is when you wash more times in a week than you should depending on your hair type.

For example, if you have thick and lots of hair, 3 washes per week is considered too many.

To help you fully understand if you are over washing your hair, you first need to understand what type of hair you have.

In this case, we don't focus if you have short - long or dry hair as these characteristics have to do with care rather than hair type.

The hair types that we will deal with are the 3 following:

a) thin hair

b) medium hair

c) thick hair

Characteristics of thin hair and frequency of washes

Thin hair lacks volume and texture and tends to get greasy often. Ideally it should be washed every 3 days.

Characteristics of medium hair and frequency of washes

Medium hair has similar characteristics to thin hair.

They uphold more volume and do not get greasy too quickly.

Ideally, they should be washed every 5 or 6 days.

Characteristics of thick hair and frequency of washes

Thick hair is very different from the previous two categories.

They are rich with volume and are not greasy.

They can last many days until they are washed. However, shampooing once a week is a good frequency for this type of hair.

How to manage fewer washouts in a week

The secret to reducing the frequency of shampooing is to double cleanse the scalp.

This means 2 things:

  1. 1.Shampooing is done on the head (scalp) and not on the hair
  2. 2.Repeat the process for the 2nd time (or until a soap is formed)

Dry and style your hair any way you want in order to complete the process.

It is worth mentioning here that the quality of the products you use for shampooing play a very important role in achieving less washout.

After washing styling products will also provide your hair the desired look (smoothness, volume, texture).

Try the double cleanse method (on the head and not on the hair) to get healthy, shiny, long-lasting hairstyle and swift your attention on the things that really matters…

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