How to keep red hair vibrant.

Red hair is bold, unforgettable, and beautiful.

Right now, it's the most modern and trendy thing you can try in your look.

Red hair is full of vibrancy, and this time they've come to stay as the new hair trend all year round!

es, we're accustomed to suggesting red and copper hair for the autumn season, as the shades of red, copper, and gold align perfectly with the romantically melancholic mood of the season.

Red hair color is a challenge, as when it succeeds, it's a dream, but it fades easily.

Why does red hair color fade so quickly?

Maintaining red hair is difficult, and this is where the real battle begins.

If you're trying the shades of red on your hair for the first time, it's almost certain that the color won't be as vibrant after 4 weeks.

This happens because the molecules of the red dye are much larger than the molecules in other colors.

Therefore, the first time you try to dye your hair red, the dye won't fully penetrate the hair shaft. That's why the color fades every time you wash your hair.

In summary, red shades on hair are very susceptible, and you'll probably need more care and attention to keep them vibrant.

How to prevent red hair from fading quickly?

Use the tips below to maintain the red color in your hair between your visits to the salon.

  1. It is important to use hair care products that are designed for colored hair only.
  2. Protect your hair from heat and chlorine.. Limit the use of curling irons to 1 time per week maximum. There are many easy hairstyles and ways to make curls without heat.
  3. Try a shade darker than the desired hue.
  4. Allow 3 to 4 days after coloring to wash your hair.
  5. Use cold water when washing your hair as hot water will open the hair cuticles, causing the dye to slip off more quickly.
  6. Limit the number of times you wash your hair as it is the biggest cause of red hair fading and becoming dull and orange. Find out how to do this here.
  7. Take care of your hair after every wash. Conditioner during washing and leave-in conditioner on wet hair seals in moisture, helping to shine the color. Learn how to use the right hair care products after washing here and here.
  8. Use dry shampoo between washes to achieve 2 washes per week.
  9. Give deep nourishment to the hair shaft by using a hair mask at least once a week. Massage the scalp to stimulate hair growth and blood flow. Discover if you need a mask for your hair type.

Red hair is bold, unforgettable, and beautiful.

Right now, it's the most modern and trendy thing you can try in your look.

There are many shades that match every skin tone, and we are sure we will find the right one for you.

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