Why you NEED to use hair oil.

hair oil
Why you need it if you want to see your hair grow healthy and strong.

hair oil

It might sound like two things that don't go together, but believe us, you need it if you want to see your hair grow long, healthy, and strong.

And below we will explain why you should also include it in your routine.

Why hair oil is essential

The truth is, it's quite challenging to maintain healthy hair ends, especially if you color your hair.

Just remember, your hair ends are the oldest part of your hair and have endured the most damage compared to any other part of your hair.

That's why the ends need special care and protection, and hair oil does just that job.

So, oil is an essential product for taking care of your hair ends, as it will nourish and protect them.

How does hair oil works on hair

Hair oil works in two ways on the hair:

  1. It penetrates her stem and
  2. Creates a barrier that doesn't let moisture escape

When to use Hair oil

For achieving shiny and hydrated hair results from using hair oil, apply it after Leave-in Conditioner on damp hair, focusing only on the ends.

Great care is needed in the quantity

Always start with a very small amount as it is very easy to over oil your hair and make it look messy!

Also, once your hair is dry, you can reapply a small amount of hair oil to the ends and lightly distribute it towards the lengths of your hair.

And of course, always after any hairstyle on dry hair!

So your hair will have a very shiny result.

Hair oil should be used every day

Even on days you don't wash, on dry hair.

This way you keep very beautiful, shiny and moisturized hair until the next wash!

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