7 Cool Ways to Rock Bangs that Will Convince You to Give Them a Try!

the latest hair fashion trends are bringing back bangs!

Women get bangs because they want to switch up their hairstyle without committing to a complete haircut or simply because they want to add a touch of flair to their style.

Of course, the latest hair fashion trends are bringing back bangs!

More and more women are daring to cut bangs or fringe in their hair again, and this trend will continue into 2022 !

Are you also considering taking the step of cutting bangs? You've probably heard rumors that they don't suit every face shape...

That's a myth. Bangs suit all women, depending on the type of bangs in relation to the face shape

One thing to consider as a fact when it comes to getting a bangs haircut is that they can make you look younger, and of course, depending on your hair type, they might require some effort in styling

So, if you don't have the easiest hair to manage, you might need to invest a bit more time in styling, but that's about it!

Below we've got 7 different bang styles you will definitely love!

1. The French Girl Bang

Named after the elegance and style that comes with it.

These bangs are dense and slightly sloppy.

They can also be strictly straight-cut at the ends for a more statement look.

2. The Flirt Style Bang

Or Thin Bangs.

A safe choice, as you can start with sparse bangs to see if they suit you! They are easy to manage and can be worn swept to the side or with a middle part very easily, in case you regret it and want to grow them out!

3. Baby Bangs

These are the very short bangs that can end in asymmetrical or in a straight, blunt line.

They add a lot of character with intensity to the style, but few women feel comfortable enough to pull them off.

Baby bangs can emphasize the style for fashion-forward individuals who love extreme hair or, on the other hand, for preppy individuals. They are ideal if you have a small forehead!

4. Brigitte Bardot Fringe / Bangs

Or curtain bangs.

Here we're talking about long bangs that reach the height of the cheekbones and are worn with a middle part, just like Brigitte Bardot used to wear them!

5. Shaggy Bangs

A combination of curtain bangs with bangs that are "thinned" at the edges

6. Side Fringe

Side worn bangs. If you usually part your hair to the side, this bangs style will make things easier for you, as it's very manageable in terms of styling. It's also easy to grow out again if you decide, and of course, it effortlessly refreshes your haircut!

7. Curly bangs

We would never forget curly hair girls!

Curly Bangs on curly hair are making a comeback for 2020, and honestly, it's the coolest and easiest way to embrace your hair's natural texture with confidence. You'll frame and enhance your facial features effortlessly at the same time!

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