The Top 4 Winter Hair Care Essentials You Need to Know

tips to protect your hair during the winter months

Winter can be a challenge for our hair and skin.

Just as in summer, we need special care and protection from the sun, in winter we need to protect our hair from dryness and keep it moisturized.

In this article we give you tips to protect your hair during the winter months:

1. Hydration from within

Hydration is Key: Your Hair and Skin's Best Friend Just like in summer, during winter too, we shouldn't skip hydrating our body. So, don't forget to drink your water Experts say 2 litres a day!

2. Control your environment

The only place you can control the environment around you is at the house. Unfortunately, when you're out or at work, you might not have that option. That's why we suggest having a humidifier to regulate moisture, especially when you're home and even while you sleep

3. Create a hair care routine

Once you've found the right products that suit your hair, it's time to use them properly.

Remember that you don't need a lot of products. The more minimal you keep your collection of hair products, the more enjoyable, quick and easy your hair care routine will be. Don't forget that the quality of the products plays a very important role in the health of your hair.

Always remember, no matter what hair issue you're dealing with, the best and wisest choice is to visit a professional So, leave the complexities to them and stick to the basics and essentials as advised by your hair expert

So, based on your daily routine and schedule, choose which days you'd like to dedicate to taking care of your hair, giving them the necessary time and attention they deserve.

4. Avoid going out with wet hair

Apart from the obvious reason not to go out with wet hair in winter, there is another reason that compromises the quality of your hair.

The cold air expands wet hair, making hair more prone to breakage so, be careful especially if you have dyed or coloured blonde hair!

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