The latest trend in hair colors is the luxurious Red Hair Color

Red is the new Blonde

Fashion colors are in the past, and the new trend in hair color with luxurious shades is the red hue.

Red is a color that suits most women because there are many shades that can be combined to create the perfect red shade for you.

Red hair color can be warm or cool, like any other color.

The right undertone and the correct combinations of shades will give the ideal red color for every skin tone.

Cool Red Hair

Warm Red Hair

At B.A.M. Hair Salon, we create multidimensional colors, using red as a base and playing with shades for depth, shine, and intensity.

Techniques such as balayage and highlights will add depth and dimension to the red hair color, providing a way for your hair to look sophisticated.

The cowboy copper- red haircolor, established as a major hair trend, has paved the way for creativity, offering unique shades of red hair!

Multidimensional red

Correr - Red Highlights

Red - Brown - Copper / Cowboy Copper hair

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