12 mistakes women over 50 years old do with their hair that makes them look older.

Are you making these mistakes?

There's nothing better than the feeling of just having the perfect haircut and not being able to resist admiring yourself in the mirror or playing with the new texture of your hair!

On the flip side, a bad hair result can take away all that confidence and good mood, making you look older than you are.

Below, we're listing 12 mistakes you might make with your hair that can make you appear older.

  1. Rapunzel Syndrome: Meaning women who want their hair to be extremely long. While long hair can suit everyone uniquely, excessively long hair, especially reaching below the chest or mid-back, might make you look older. As hair tends to thin with age, keeping it excessively long can exaggerate the issue. Consider a new, shorter length that complements your face shape, like a long bob with some layers.
  2. Sticking to One Look Forever: One of the biggest mistakes is sticking to the same hairstyle for decades. Hairstyling has evolved, so should you. Fashion always comes back with a more modern touch.
  3. Wrong Hair Color: Besides the cut, the wrong hair color can also make you look older. Very dark colors tend to add years to your appearance and make white hair more noticeable. Opt for a shade that complements your skin tone and play with highlights and lowlights for depth.
  4. Using the Wrong Hair Part: The way you part your hair can significantly impact your appearance. A middle part or a strong side part doesn't suit everyone. Soft bangs or layers can be more flattering, especially if there's thinning at the front.
  5. Excessive Volume in Hairstyles: Too much volume can make your hairstyle look outdated and certainly make you appear older. A balanced amount of volume is essential, showing that your hair is healthy, but excessive volume can be associated with older trends.
  6. Straightening Hair Too Much: Extremely straight and flat hair can highlight facial features and make you look older. Aim for a balanced, natural look with a bit of texture and movement.
  7. Neglecting Hair Health: As we age, our hair needs change. Use products specifically designed for your hair type, indulge in hair treatments, and choose styling products that suit your needs.
  8. Overuse of Hair Accessories: Carefully choose hair accessories that complement your style. Avoid very vibrant colors or childish designs, and opt for accessories that blend well with your hair color.
  9. Being Obsessed with Covering Gray Hair: Embrace the natural beauty of gray hair. Talk to your stylist about enhancing it with shine or subtle highlights instead of covering it completely.
  10. Mismatched Hairstyle with Lifestyle: If your lifestyle has changed, your hairstyle should too. For instance, if you've retired from an office job and now focus on hobbies or yoga, consider a hairstyle that reflects your current activities.

Remember, these are just guidelines. The key is to feel confident and comfortable with your hairstyle, embracing the changes that come with different stages in life.

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