Botanical and tailor-made hair care at the salon.

Personalized Treatment for the combination of challenges your hair is facing.

If you're on the lookout for a salon treatment that tackles more than one hair woe, you've got to check out the plant-based hair care line we've introduced at bamhairsalon.

Your hair is as unique as you are, and so are the challenges you may face in keeping it healthy, vibrant, and strong.

Greasy roots with dry ends, limp hair lacking volume that simultaneously breaks, dull hair, and color vibrancy loss with dehydration—just a few combos of challenges a head can deal with.

But can a plant-based hair product or treatment deliver immediate and visible results?

When Technology meets Nature, wonders can happen, and the results are immediately visible!

The research and development team at davines gathers cultivated herbs from Italy using pure methods, crafting formulas that target and address specific hair and scalp needs.

This led to a salon care series providing personalized solutions for optimal results! In total, there are 24 possible combinations to cater to every set of needs without processing time.


Comprising 4 bases and 6 boosters with herbal extracts, each with its unique hair benefits:

Hydration, volume, shine, strengthening, control, and enhancement of blonde shades...

A therapeutic experience tailored just for you, as good for the environment as it is for your hair!⁠

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