All the reasons why your curly hair frizzes after drying.

Fix those Curly Hair Routine Mistakes!

If your hair, instead of separated voluminous curls, is frizzy when dry, then one or more of the following reasons may be to blame.

It’s that day of the week that you need to wash your hair and you're in the mood to work on your curls today. You're looking forward to doing all the right steps for perfect curls but.... The result differs from what you expected. Why is this happening?

  1. You Brush your hair after shampooing or when it's dry.

Untangling wavy or curly hair is a very important procedure. The best time to do it is in the shower when hair is wet. Brushing thru wavy or curly hair when is dry can be very challenging but also very wrong. By brushing curly or wavy hair when is dry, you lose all the curl definition you want for your hair as a result.

What you should do instead is untangle your wavy or curly hair when its wet, right after you use your conditioner.

To avoid stretching the hair too much to the point of breaking, use a thin comb for detangling.

  1. You don't pay attention to hydration

Frizzy hair is dehydrated hair.

What to do: Make a proper hair routine that includes a deep moisturizing treatment once a week at home and at the salon on a rotating basis.

Hair salon treatments are more effective than the ones you do at home, because they are enhanced with active ingredients that should be used by professional hair stylists only.

  1. You do not use a styling product

So, during the day, your hair not only frizzes but it loses volume and spiral?

Then you need a styling product specifically designed for curly hair that lasts.

Not to be confused with hold products like hairspray, nothing to do with it. Then you need a styling product specifically designed for curly hair that lasts.

What to do: Make sure you've provided moisture to your hair first, and then use a curl cream to give your curls definition, shape and elasticity that will last all day (if not all week).

  1. You put the diffuser on high speed

If you diffuse your hair, remember that too strong air upsets the hair

especially when you start drying from the ends upwards.

What to do: Put your diffuser on low speed and be patient.

  1. You touch your hair before it dries

You feel like you are almost complete with your curl styling, and you start using your hands to scrunch your curls. Νο Νο Νο....

What to do: Give it a few extra minutes once you think you're done drying and styling.

You can touch your curls when they are completely dry and start shaping or separating them.

  1. Your ends are dry or damaged

As mentioned before, dehydration is the main cause of dryness and fizziness to the hair.

What to do: A haircut specifically for curly hair will get rid of dry ends and will shape your hair.This will make the whole process easier and more effective.
  1. You haven't tried Anti-Frizz Treatment for Curly Hair

An Anti-Frizz Keratin Treatment is a huge help for frizzy curly hair. It is not a straightening treatment, so you are not going to lose your curly hair.

What to do: Try a personalized Keratin Treatment for frizz reduction that won't straighten your hair, specifically designed for your hair needs and type.

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