The 5 Things You Should Discuss with Your Hairdresser Before Making a Big Hair Makeover

Hair Transformation

Thinking about a hair makeover?

Well, if you're up for it, our salon offers a complete Hair Diagnosis. During this process, have a chat with your stylist about the details that will elevate your hair and style!

Do you want a bold color or an extreme haircut? Worried that what you have in mind won't suit you, and feeling a bit confused?

Whether it's a major transformation or a minor change, switching up your hair takes time and proper communication! Before diving into a hair change, discuss these 5 things with your stylist:

  1. Express Your Personal Style: When you walk into the salon, your personal style should speak for you! Whether you're into Rock, classic chic or Boho, let your stylist know. Discuss a bit more about your personal style preferences. Whether you want a drastic change or love playing with fashion trends, your hair look will showcase the character you want to project and reflect your personality!
  2. Mention Scalp Issues: Treat your stylist like the doctor of your hair. Be honest about any scalp sensitivities or issues. If there's something bothering you, your stylist will take care of it, avoiding techniques that might worsen the situation. This way, they can tailor their suggestions for your hair transformation.
  3. Talk About Your Environment and Activities: Your surroundings affect your hair. If you work in a restaurant as a chef, your hair might get oilier. If you hit the gym often, you might need more frequent washes. These factors will help your stylist guide you toward the right hair change.
  4. Explain Your Hair Care Routine: Part of your salon appointment is a proper diagnosis of your hair. Discuss your hair routine, from how often you wash your hair to the products you use. If your hair tends to frizz or lacks volume, your stylist needs to know. They'll guide you on the correct washing and styling techniques.
  5. Highlight Your Favorite Facial Features: It's time to talk about what you love most about your face! Whether it's a small change like bangs or a color that enhances your eye color, your stylist will help bring out your beauty.

So, are you still hesitating? Trust the expert, have an open conversation, show your true self, and the result will be even better than you imagined! Ready for your Hair Makeover?

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