Pre & Post workout Hair routine: Hair hacks so you never miss a workout again!

No excuses.

You love the feeling that a tough and super sweaty session at the gym makes you feel, but you hate how it leaves your hair.

Yeah, and so do we.

The good news is that you can have it both ways.

We're here to help you never miss a workout again with the excuse of your hair!

Below we have the best tips on how to prepare your hair before your workout and how to manage your hair after your workout with less washes during the week

This is a weekly hair routine that starts the day BEFORE your training week.

The day before your first workout of the week shampoo your hair thoroughly.

Use an appropriate shampoo for your hair type, do your mask and finish with conditioner.

Dry your hair to the style you desire using (if you wish) light styling products ONLY on lengths and ends.

It's important to leave the roots of your hair clean of styling products, as sweat in the coming days will become one of them.

Pre work out tips

  1. Before your workout spray a small amount of dry shampoo on your roots

First spray in the center of your hair parting. Then do two or three more side partings on the right and left side of the front part and spray dry shampoo similarly.

  1. Make a hairstyle that won't bother you during your workout
The important thing in a gym hairstyle is that the hair should not be too pulled and tightly gripped.

We understand that if your workout routine involves lots of running or jumping, dealing with your hair at the same time can be frustrating.

For these situations we recommend a French braid or a low braid hairstyle

If you don't know how to create a French braid hairstyle, try the very easy and stylish bubble braids hairstyle

If you are going to do a low intensity program at the gym, you can create a very high but loose bun hairstyle, leaving air at your roots.

Did you Know that very tightly - pulled back hairstyles can make your hair weak and cause hair loss, especially in the front parts?A loose high bun hairstyle will protect and add volume when you untie your hair.

For tied / pulled back hairstyles always choose hair bands that don't break the hair, such as silk scrunches.

These tiny thin elastics we often use to secure hairstyles like thin braids are also suitable for gym hairstyles, if used properly

They will be easy to remove, and they won’t let the hair slip even if you don't tighten them too much on your hair.

If your hair is cut in layers and some strands tend to get out of place use bobby pins or better yet clips that don't leave marks on the hair.

Post Workout Tips

You've just finished your workout and you're feeling happy and energized to get on with your day. But you don't have much time to shampoo your hair.

Here is what to do:

  1. Loosen your hair immediately
  2. Use leave-in conditioner on mids and ends and detangle your hair
  3. Blow dry the roots of your sweaty hair with cold air on high speed
  4. Style your hair the way you like
  5. Spray dry shampoo on your roots to refresh your hair after blow drying
  6. Use hair oil to your ends and mids for care and shine, as dry shampoo can make your hair too matte in appearance

Try this Pre & Post workout hair routine for the next few days until your hair can handle it.

Our suggestions:

  1. leave-in Untangled

Dry Shampoo Fresh Hair

Shine Spray Shimmer Shine

Extra Tip:

To get through one more day without shampooing try giving your hair a wet look.

The wet look hairstyle requires heavier styling products such as gel and hold spray, thats why we recommend you wear it when your hair is the dirtiest.

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