5 habits that damage your hair

See your hair like you've never seen it before!

It's really easy to have beautiful, healthy hair,

So why do you try so hard without seeing results?

Today we will mention 5 bad habits that damage your hair without even realizing it.

Follow these rules to

  • save time from searching for the solution on your own
  • and money from products you don't need.

1.You don't give the necessary importance to your washing routine

The foundation of hair care starts with washing. Give it the attention it deserves by following the rules correctly without skipping steps.

The role of the washing process is to clean the scalp with suitable shampoo.

Finally, moisturize your hair with a suitable conditioner.

2. You use commercial shampoo and conditioner

Finally make the change.

Good cleansing of the scalp unlocks the clogged pores of the skin from oil and residues from products (if used) and the environment.

That is why it is very important that the cleansing products you use are quality, without sulfates and parabens.

3. You don't have a hair care routine right after washing your hair.

Hair care doesn't end as soon as you finish washing it.

Your hair routine continues by applying hair care products for the lengths and ends.

Therefore, a leave-in conditioner for the lengths and an oil for the ends are essential products to finish a hair care routine.

4. You don't dry your hair.

Blow-drying your hair doesn't damage it, on the contrary, it helps prevent breakage, instantly enhances the haircut, and adds shine to your hair.

Let's be clear that blow-drying your hair is different from styling your hair with heat.

You use heat on your hair on the second day or later.

It may not be noticeable at the time, but when you touch up your hair styling the next day after washing (on dry hair), especially if done daily, it causes huge damage to your hair.

especially if done daily,

it causes huge damage to your hair.

We recommend styling with heat tools on the day of washing your hair.

Use extra care and styling products, as well as a heat protectant product.

Then, blow-dry and style with heat.

This way, your hair will be well-styled for the next few days.

The basic rule for using heat for hair styling is to do it on the day of washing with the right products (for protection and hold).

By doing this, you can even use hot tools every week for your hair styling without causing damage to your hair.

This is because you have taken care of your hair by hydrating it deeply with care products before washing.

If you want to always have well-maintained and healthy hair, you'll need to create a hair routine that includes all the rules we mentioned earlier.

And it will look something like this:

Wash Day

  1. You wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner for your hair type using quality products.
  2. After washing, apply leave-in conditioner to the lengths and ends of your wet hair, as well as a small amount of hair oil to the ends.
  3. Apply the styling product(s) for your hairstyle (e.g. blow out cream for lengths and a product for volume at the roots) to wet hair to give body, hold, and the texture you want in your hair.
  4. Dry your hair with a blow dryer, starting at the roots and then the lengths.
  5. Apply heat protectant and use hot tools for styling if desired!

After completing the entire process, you can apply a small amount of hair oil to the ends and lengths to give extra shine.

This is called a hair care routine and it starts and ends on wash day.

Try it and see your hair like you've never seen it before!

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