Should you dry your hair after every wash?

The use of heat on hair hasn't been fully clarified and might have been misunderstood.

One of the most viral and correct tips for healthy hair is the reduction (or even abstention in some cases) of heat styling.

As hair experts, we aim to provide valuable advice and education to both our clients and everyday women who invest in their appearance through well-maintained hair.

However, the advice regarding the use of heat on hair hasn't been fully clarified and might have been misunderstood.

"Should I blow-dry my hair or let it dry naturally?"

"I don't blow dry my hair after washing it to avoid damaging it."

"I prefer to let my hair dry naturally."

"This is the mindset of many women who visit us, and usually these are the cases that encounter the most hair problems, such as:"

The hair doesn't lay flat.

Hair becomes oily.

Hair looks dull.

Hair breaks.

So, they end up with a pulled-back bun because they don't know how to manage their hair,

and even though they are freshly washed and clean, they look as if they haven't been washed at all.

Blow-drying VS Heat Styling

Hair styling with heat is different from simple blow-drying with a hairdryer.

The major difference is that in heat styling using tools like a brush dryer, flat iron, or curling iron, the high temperature has direct and prolonged contact with the hair.

(until achieving the desired hairstyle such as curls or straightening)

While blow-drying, we maintain a distance from the hair, moving the hairdryer to different spots with quick movements to accelerate the drying process on the roots, lengths, and ends of the hair.

The benefits of drying your hair with a hair dryer

Drying your hair with a hair dryer after each wash actually has benefits for your hair:

1. Makes the hair more resistant to breakage

When hair is wet, it becomes more elastic, allowing it to stretch more.

Hair can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water.

This means that the longer the hair remains wet, the more the cuticle swells and becomes brittle, permanently damaging the hair

2. Maintains a healthy scalp

Leaving moisture on the hair, or specifically on the scalp, for hours can harm the scalp's health by causing bacterial overgrowth due to excessive humidity

3. Quickly highlights the haircut and hair shape

Since hair becomes heavier when wet, allowing it to air dry on its own can cause it to lose its initial shape and body from the haircut.

Remember, your hair will "settle" the way it dries

In this case, the roots will become flat,

The top back part may stay open and flattened, and the hair parting may be uneven, not sitting the way you want it the next morning when you're heading to work

Therefore, you end up resorting to heat styling tools to "fix" your hair, causing even more damage in the process

Or you end up with the classic tight bun as a last-minute attempt to salvage your look

Drying curly or frizzy hair

The benefits of blow-drying hair apply to all hair types.

If you have curly or frizzy hair, dry it after washing using a blow dryer.

Blow-drying does not damage hair.

The inside of the diffuser is designed in a way that your hair doesn't come into direct contact with the air.

Reduce emergency styling

Blow-drying your hair should become part of your hair routine.

It's only then that you'll be able to greatly cut down on using heat for styling your hair when it's dry (heat styling, last-minute styling).

If you dry your hair in the position you want, the next day you will have very little or nothing to do for styling your hair.

If you want to do some heat styling, such as curls, the best time is on the day you wash your hair after blow-drying it, always with the appropriate products.

Reducing hair washing frequency

Completing your hair washing routine with drying every time can help reduce the need for frequent hair washing.

See how often you should wash your hair depending on your hair type.

Combine hair care products after washing and a styling product that suits your hair.

This way, you can definitely achieve well-groomed, well-combed, and healthy hair until your next wash!

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