B.A.M. Hair Salon proposes the shag haircut for 2022:

These shag cuts come straight from the bamhairsalon.gr hair salon to inspire you for your own!

Shag haircuts resurfaced already in 2019 through celebrity looks. But it went viral thanks to Tik Tok’s hit sound "girl, don't do it, it's not worth it..." especially with DIY cuts inside the quarantine.

For the daring girls who love fashion style, the shag hairstyle came to complement their image with softer or more extreme versions of it.

But what is a shag haircut?

It is the cutting of the hair in various lengths with layers keeping the hair full and voluminous at the top of the head, (hence the characteristic intense fringe that we often see in these haircuts) and the tufts are thinned having that shaggy look.

There are many names for the shag haircut that have changed through the years since the 70s and 80s.

The names that we see used for this haircut style today are also the mullet and wolf cut and the differences lie in how extreme we make our haircut.

For the daring fashionistas the mullet is the ideal choice but for those who are somewhere in the middle, the wolf cut is what they are looking for.

In reality though, we wouldn't want you to think in names, but rather have great communication with your hairdresser so he gives you the best shag cut option for your hair type.

Below we present a variety of shag haircuts with their names for your inspiration.

bamhairsalon.gr Shag / Mullet / Wolf Cuts

1.The Modern shag

2. Bob Soft Shag

3. Modern Wolf Cuts

4. Mullet Cut

5. Pixie Mullet

6. Multi Colored Wolf Cut

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