Our hair is more than just strands. It's the crown on our heads deserving the best possible care.

In this article, we'll help you clarify which professional hair products are worth investing in for the best quality and health of your hair, in order of priority.

Research confirms what we intuitively know: 'bad hair days' can negatively affect our mood. Understanding the relationship between self-esteem, social confidence, and personal success underscores the importance of investing in the health and vitality of our hair.

While the price of drugstore hair products may be tempting, it's important to recognize that quality often comes with a price. Despite initial savings, cheaper products may sacrifice quality, leading to costs both in terms of product quantity and potential damage to the hair.

premium shampoo and conditioner by daviness

Are you considering transitioning from drugstore to quality, professional hair products?

Here are five compelling reasons why it's worth investing in salon-quality hair products:

  1. Quality Matters: Professional products offer higher concentrations of beneficial ingredients, providing superior nourishment compared to cheaper alternatives.
  2. Efficiency: A little goes a long way with luxury products, making them cost-effective in the long run.
  3. Innovation: Luxury brands invest in cutting-edge research, ensuring you get the latest advancements in hair care.
  4. Protection: Using salon-quality products protects your hair, preserving its color and health between salon visits.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: With natural ingredients and less waste, professional products are a greener choice.

Understanding Your Hair Products and Application Techniques

Quality vs Quantity: Investing in high-quality hair products with concentrated formulas saves money in the long run, as less product is needed for long-term benefits.

Shampoo: Used to clean the scalp, not the lengths and ends of the hair. Apply to the scalp, extending towards the hair without rubbing.

Conditioner: Essential for maintaining healthy hair. Skipping it risks hydration and nourishment. Apply to lengths and ends at the end of washing.

Hair Masks: Use once a week at most for hair treatments. Do not substitute them for conditioner every wash. Apply to lengths and ends, then follow with conditioner after rinsing.

Washday vs Styling Products: Quality washday products maintain hair health, while styling products improve desired appearance. Find balance and prioritize basics for optimal results.

Leave-in Conditioner vs Oil: Choose water-based products over oil for hydration and frizz control. Oil repels water, hindering hydration. Apply to ends only to seal moisture.

Blue + Purple Shampoos: Address hair discoloration at the salon rather than covering it up with color masks and purple shampoos.

Understanding hair products and mastering application techniques opens doors to healthier, more beautiful hair.

It's clear that you recognize the importance of taking care of your hair and are ready to invest in quality products. Here's a recommended priority sequence for your hair care routine:

  1. Shampoo: It forms the foundation of your hair care. Investing in a high-quality shampoo is vital for several reasons. First, superior formulations often feature gentle yet effective cleansers that thoroughly remove dirt, oil, and product buildup without stripping natural oils from the hair. Second, premium shampoos often contain higher concentrations of nourishing ingredients such as vitamins and minerals, which promote scalp health and hair growth. Finally, investing in a quality shampoo ensures that your hair remains vibrant, manageable, and free from common issues like dryness, frizz, and dullness.
  2. Conditioner: Locks in moisture and nourishment after shampooing. A premium conditioner is an indispensable investment for maintaining hydrated and healthy hair. Quality conditioners work to replenish moisture, detangle hair without damage, and seal the hair cuticle, resulting in smoother, more manageable hair with reduced frizz and breakage.
  3. Heat Protection: Shields hair from high temperatures. Blow-drying your hair is necessary after every wash. If you let your distressed hair air dry, believing it protects them, you are making the biggest mistake. On the other hand, if you do thermal styling on your hair every day without thermal protective products, this also damages the hair with irreversible damage many times. What you need to keep in mind is that you should always dry your hair after every wash, and even if you don't do thermal styling, a quality heat protection product is necessary before using heat.
  4. Leave-in Conditioner: Intensive nourishment for optimal results. Besides caring for your hair with products for washing, incorporating treatments after this and before drying is equally essential in some hair cases. Leave-in conditioner will greatly assist in nourishing hair that is very dry, fragile, and prone to frizz.
  5. Scalp Scrub: Taking care of your scalp health is essential for maintaining a healthy environment for hair growth. A healthy scalp promotes stronger, more resilient hair while preventing common issues such as dandruff, itching, and inflammation.
  6. Styling Products: Enhance your Signature Look. While cleansing products set the foundation for healthy hair, styling products play a crucial role in how you want to wear your hair. A thermal protection product and a hair spray can transform your hair. However, if you want more than just hair styling like volume, texture, or shaped curls, there are amazing premium styling products to enrich your hair product range that will give you the desired result.

Starting from the most important and essential hair products worth investing your money in, we recommend focusing on shampoo and conditioner. Heat protection product comes next as an equally essential product for protecting your hair from heat damage. Leave-in conditioner, scalp scrub, and styling products can be gradually added to your routine according to your needs.

Are you ready to discover the hair trends of 2024?

It's time to create new simple habits and say goodbye to outdated hair practices.

Bring an exciting and easy hair routine into your life and welcome the nourishment and health of your hair for the ultimate hair trend of 2024.

Ins & Outs in Hair for 2024

Make the Change: From damaged hair to healthy and vibrant hair

The days of subjecting our hair to extreme temperatures without protection are gone. In 2024, we prefer healthy hair practices, choosing quality products with heat protection and steam styling tools to minimize damage.

Protective hairstyles like braids promote hair growth while protecting against breakage.

Make the Change: Simplify the Routine, Enhance the Style

Simplicity is key in 2024. Instead of relying on many products, we choose those designed for our hair type to give us the perfect result.

So, choose a shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, and a styling product with heat protection and sun protection.

Make the Change: Emphasizing Natural Beauty over Appearance Change

This year, we celebrate natural beauty, embracing our roots - literally. Instead of a major and dramatic change in appearance, we choose to subtly highlight our hair.

Techniques like balayage or hair contouring are ideal for a fresh look that won't change who you are and won't require you to dye your roots.

Make the Change: Elegance with Accessories

Sleek hairstyles are the hair style for 2024, and to easily and quickly create more interest in your hair, accessories are the way to go.

From clips to playful ribbons and scarves, accessories add personality and joy to every look. Bows stand out as the accessory of the year, complementing the latest fashion trends with elegance and charm.

Make the Change: From Quick Wash to Scalp Care

Dedicate more time and make your hair washing more thorough, cleaning your scalp very well.

Scalp scrubs promote good circulation and healthy hair growth from the scalp.

For problems like dandruff, dryness, and hair oiliness, it's a great relief.

The scalp scrub, inspired by Japanese and Korean traditions, offers a luxurious spa experience in the comfort of your home.

Embrace Your Unique Journey for Healthy and Strong Hair

As we navigate the evolving world of hair trends, it's important to embrace our own journey.

However you like to wear your hair, let 2024 be the year you express yourself through it.

Is there an ideal haircut for curly hair, and what might that be?

Bam Hair Salon specializes in curly hair, offering a wide range of options.

Here, we create cuts for long curly hair, short curly hair, and medium-length curly hair.

As Panos Prokopis, the expert in curly haircuts, says,

'Curly hair is the most fun, interesting, and characterful hair type.'

His passion for curls has propelled Bam Hair Salon to be the best salon for curly hair in Athens.

His knowledge of curly hair cutting techniques, combined with creativity, exceptional communication skills, and an understanding of modern women's needs, are his inspiration.

In short, there is an ideal haircut for curly hair.

It varies for each person depending on hair type and face shape.

But it exists, and it's your curly haircut.

Below, we present 6 haircut styles to get inspired for your own!"

  1. Layered Haircuts for curly hair

2. Haircuts for curly hair with oval face shape

3. Asymmetrical haircuts for curly hair

5. Short haircuts for curly hair

5. Haircuts for Afro and Thin hair

6. Wolf Cut / Mullet haircuts for curly hair

The Right Haircut Makes All the Difference for Confidence and Style! The right haircut can enhance our features and bring a fresh vibe to our appearance.

Moreover, when getting a haircut that aligns with the natural texture of our hair, it provides us with ease in care, quicker styling, and reduces hair damage.

Discover below the haircuts recommended by the hair experts at bamhairsalon, tailored to each hair type, making the most of the latest trends for a modern and effortless look.

1. Straight Hair

For straight hair, the bob haircut is ideal.

This classic cut is easy to style and highly versatile: with a simple blow-dry, you'll achieve a sophisticated straight bob that emphasizes clean lines. If you want to add movement and freedom to your look, the wavy bob is also effortless to achieve, even if you're trying it on your own!

Also, a haircut with bangs is perfectly suited for straight hair, as you won't need to spend time styling them every day.

Of course, you can definitely maintain your long hair and add bangs. But if you're feeling more adventurous and love changes, you can try a bob with bangs!

2. Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, then you're in luck, because there are plenty of exciting options for your haircut!

A Short Haircut is Always in Style and Radiating Confidence. Opt for a pixie or boy cut for effortless style, quick drying, and controlled volume, giving you a sense of freedom.

Natural curly hair calls for a haircut that accentuates its unique texture. A layered haircut for curly hair is a great choice, allowing us to easily remove or add volume where desired to achieve the perfect and unique hair shape.

Bangs also enhance the natural wavy texture, beautifully framing the facial features.

3. Wavy Hair

Wavy hair stands out for its natural movement.

The ultimate haircut for you with wavy hair is a layered haircut with textured ends, also known as a Shag Cut.

Shag haircuts are a fantastic match for naturally wavy hair, essentially designed for this hair type. Once again, styling and hair care become effortless, requiring minimal time investment.

No matter the length you choose, whether it's long, medium, or short, if you have wavy hair, adding layers and plenty of shaggy ends will let you embrace your hair's natural beauty!

No matter your hair type, the most important thing is to choose a haircut that enhances your natural beauty and boosts your self-confidence.

If you're interested in wearing your hair in its natural state, take into consideration your hair type before choosing your haircut.

At the end, the hair experts at bamhairsalon will create a personalized haircut just for you, tailored to your preferences and style!

Balayage is the most popular hair coloring technique at bamhairsalon, and "natural balayage" is how our clients request it!

This hair coloring technique is done without aluminum foils, using hair-friendly products with a low lifting effect and cosmetic value, such as toner or gloss, to achieve a natural-looking balayage on curls and waves

Our goal with this hair coloring technique is a natural result, the very popular sun-kissed balayage.

While balayage is usually associated with straight hair, it is the best hair technique if you have curls or natural wavy hair.

Below we will see the reasons why the hair experts at bamhairsalon consider balayage the most flattering hair coloring technique for curly hair.

One of the reasons why balayage looks so beautiful on curly hair is that it creates dimension, depth, and texture, making the curls appear even more voluminous, shiny, and well-formed.

At bamhairsalon, the placement of the dye is done strategically to enhance the natural texture of curly and wavy hair.

This is particularly important for curly hair, as natural curls often appear flatter and one-dimensional.

Therefore, with balayage, a final color is created that looks as if it were natural, enhancing the curls' natural beauty and giving them more depth and dimension."

We should also add that balayage on curly hair is a low-maintenance option.

This means that with a proper care and routine at home, it can look perfect over the months without the need for a monthly visit to the hairdresser for its renewal.

In conclusion, the hair experts at bamhairsalon recommend balayage on curly and wavy hair because it upgrades the hair style in an unpretentious way, making curly hair luxurious and easy to wear.

Below you can see some before & after balayage for curly hair

hair oil

It might sound like two things that don't go together, but believe us, you need it if you want to see your hair grow long, healthy, and strong.

And below we will explain why you should also include it in your routine.

Why hair oil is essential

The truth is, it's quite challenging to maintain healthy hair ends, especially if you color your hair.

Just remember, your hair ends are the oldest part of your hair and have endured the most damage compared to any other part of your hair.

That's why the ends need special care and protection, and hair oil does just that job.

So, oil is an essential product for taking care of your hair ends, as it will nourish and protect them.

How does hair oil works on hair

Hair oil works in two ways on the hair:

  1. It penetrates her stem and
  2. Creates a barrier that doesn't let moisture escape

When to use Hair oil

For achieving shiny and hydrated hair results from using hair oil, apply it after Leave-in Conditioner on damp hair, focusing only on the ends.

Great care is needed in the quantity

Always start with a very small amount as it is very easy to over oil your hair and make it look messy!

Also, once your hair is dry, you can reapply a small amount of hair oil to the ends and lightly distribute it towards the lengths of your hair.

And of course, always after any hairstyle on dry hair!

So your hair will have a very shiny result.

Hair oil should be used every day

Even on days you don't wash, on dry hair.

This way you keep very beautiful, shiny and moisturized hair until the next wash!

Let me ask you a question: If there was a product out there that would make your hair happy, wouldn't you want to know about it?

Well lucky you, there is one, it's for all hair types and it's called leave-in conditioner.

Let’s examine the main differences between the leave-in conditioner and the regular conditioner you already use in your hair routine. Do you really need it? And how is it used?

Difference between leave in Conditioner and normal Conditioner

In general, the use of conditioner is essential for all hair types.

The purpose of conditioner is to close the scales of the hair after shampooing, to provide hydration, strength and protection.

There are some elementary differences though between regular conditioner and a leave-in conditioner.

First, you are aware that the conditioner is rinsed out of the hair after it has been washed.

On the other hand, Leave-in conditioner stays on the hair and should not be rinsed out.

Regular conditioner has a heavier formula while leave-in conditioner has a lighter formula.

Which means that you cannot use regular conditioner as leave-in conditioner

because its composition and ingredients will leave a residue on the hair and will clog it.

On the contrary, the light and sophisticated formula of leave-in conditioner is made to stay on the hair without leaving any residue

without leaving any residue and keeps the hair moisturized between washes.

In other words, leave-in conditioner is a treatment that will prevent your hair from drying and dehydrating.

We have covered the main differences between the regular and the leave-in conditioner. Now let’s have a closer look on how to use the leave-in conditioner.

We should emphasize here, that leave-in conditioner does not in any way replace the regular conditioner.

How and when to use Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-In Conditioner is always used on wet or damp hair

  1. Directly after shampooing, on wet hair to maintain hydration levels.
  2. Daily, taking care the lengths and ends of your hair. Preventing hair from becoming dehydrated.

Choosing the right Leave – in Conditioner

If you are a first timer, we suggest you choose according to the ease of use of the bottle and the texture of the product.

You can find it in a soft gel texture or water texture in a spray bottle.

Is leave-in conditioner important in your hair routine?

Our experience tells us that hydration is of vital importance for healthy hair.

We need to treat hair as cautious as our skin.

Leave-In Conditioner is nothing more than a deep moisturizer for hair so it's suitable for everyone (regardless of hair quality, colour, and type)

Leave-In Conditioner is an essential product taking care the lengths and ends of your hair. It also makes your hair shiny, prevents break or frizz and helps them grow long.

Leave In Conditioner is absolutely a necessity for your hair!

Start taking care the lengths and ends of your hair like you take care of them by shampooing.

If your hair, instead of separated voluminous curls, is frizzy when dry, then one or more of the following reasons may be to blame.

It’s that day of the week that you need to wash your hair and you're in the mood to work on your curls today. You're looking forward to doing all the right steps for perfect curls but.... The result differs from what you expected. Why is this happening?

  1. You Brush your hair after shampooing or when it's dry.

Untangling wavy or curly hair is a very important procedure. The best time to do it is in the shower when hair is wet. Brushing thru wavy or curly hair when is dry can be very challenging but also very wrong. By brushing curly or wavy hair when is dry, you lose all the curl definition you want for your hair as a result.

What you should do instead is untangle your wavy or curly hair when its wet, right after you use your conditioner.

To avoid stretching the hair too much to the point of breaking, use a thin comb for detangling.

  1. You don't pay attention to hydration

Frizzy hair is dehydrated hair.

What to do: Make a proper hair routine that includes a deep moisturizing treatment once a week at home and at the salon on a rotating basis.

Hair salon treatments are more effective than the ones you do at home, because they are enhanced with active ingredients that should be used by professional hair stylists only.

  1. You do not use a styling product

So, during the day, your hair not only frizzes but it loses volume and spiral?

Then you need a styling product specifically designed for curly hair that lasts.

Not to be confused with hold products like hairspray, nothing to do with it. Then you need a styling product specifically designed for curly hair that lasts.

What to do: Make sure you've provided moisture to your hair first, and then use a curl cream to give your curls definition, shape and elasticity that will last all day (if not all week).

  1. You put the diffuser on high speed

If you diffuse your hair, remember that too strong air upsets the hair

especially when you start drying from the ends upwards.

What to do: Put your diffuser on low speed and be patient.

  1. You touch your hair before it dries

You feel like you are almost complete with your curl styling, and you start using your hands to scrunch your curls. Νο Νο Νο....

What to do: Give it a few extra minutes once you think you're done drying and styling.

You can touch your curls when they are completely dry and start shaping or separating them.

  1. Your ends are dry or damaged

As mentioned before, dehydration is the main cause of dryness and fizziness to the hair.

What to do: A haircut specifically for curly hair will get rid of dry ends and will shape your hair.This will make the whole process easier and more effective.
  1. You haven't tried Anti-Frizz Treatment for Curly Hair

An Anti-Frizz Keratin Treatment is a huge help for frizzy curly hair. It is not a straightening treatment, so you are not going to lose your curly hair.

What to do: Try a personalized Keratin Treatment for frizz reduction that won't straighten your hair, specifically designed for your hair needs and type.

Σε αυτό το βίντεο σας ετοιμάσαμε ένα εορταστικό χτένισμα εμπνευσμένο από τη δεκαετία του '80 αλλά στο σήμερα.

Δουλέψαμε σε σγουρά μαλλιά, αλλά αυτό το χτένισμα είναι για όλους τους τύπους μαλλιών - ίσια μαλλιά και σπαστά μαλλιά.

Αναβαθμίσαμε με λίγη λάμψη από glitter το χτενισμά μας για να το κάνουμε πιο glam και φορέσιμο για τις γιορτές!

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