"Why choose the balayage technique for your curly or wavy hair

Balayage on curls and wavy hair will upgrade your hairstyle effortlessly, making your curly hair luxurious and easy to wear.

Balayage is the most popular hair coloring technique at bamhairsalon, and "natural balayage" is how our clients request it!

This hair coloring technique is done without aluminum foils, using hair-friendly products with a low lifting effect and cosmetic value, such as toner or gloss, to achieve a natural-looking balayage on curls and waves

Our goal with this hair coloring technique is a natural result, the very popular sun-kissed balayage.

While balayage is usually associated with straight hair, it is the best hair technique if you have curls or natural wavy hair.

Below we will see the reasons why the hair experts at bamhairsalon consider balayage the most flattering hair coloring technique for curly hair.

One of the reasons why balayage looks so beautiful on curly hair is that it creates dimension, depth, and texture, making the curls appear even more voluminous, shiny, and well-formed.

At bamhairsalon, the placement of the dye is done strategically to enhance the natural texture of curly and wavy hair.

This is particularly important for curly hair, as natural curls often appear flatter and one-dimensional.

Therefore, with balayage, a final color is created that looks as if it were natural, enhancing the curls' natural beauty and giving them more depth and dimension."

We should also add that balayage on curly hair is a low-maintenance option.

This means that with a proper care and routine at home, it can look perfect over the months without the need for a monthly visit to the hairdresser for its renewal.

In conclusion, the hair experts at bamhairsalon recommend balayage on curly and wavy hair because it upgrades the hair style in an unpretentious way, making curly hair luxurious and easy to wear.

Below you can see some before & after balayage for curly hair

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