Get Fall-Ready Hair: B.A.M. Hair Salon's Seasonal Bucketlist

Guide to Perfect Fall Hair

Since the summer break has come to an end and we've officially stepped into fall, we've put together a fall hair care bucket list for you! Get ready to check off all the things you need to do to take care of and style your hair this season.

I want: Keratin Treatment - Keratin Botox

If you postponed treatments like keratin or hair botox due to the summer, now is the time to prioritize smoothing your hair and reducing frizz. Get ready to kickstart your work and responsibilities routine with sleek and manageable hair!

You'll significantly cut down your styling time, giving you more room to tackle your busy daily life.

I want: Haircut Refresh

The time has come to give your hair a therapeutic trim at the ends to bring vitality and health to your hair. Combine it with the curtain bangs you've been thinking of trying for a while.

It's the perfect time to try out this hot look, especially now that the hot weather is over. This will determine if bangs are something you want to keep for the rest of the season as your new signature look.

I Want: Quality hair routine

Summer is gone and so are all the summer hair care products.

Create a new, minimal hair routine focusing on the needs of your hair.

A Good Quality shampoo, conditioner and hair tratment are the absolute essentials.

Finally, invest in good quality products and reduce waste in terms of money, time, and space on your bathroom shelves.

I want: Pumpkin Spice aesthetics

Pumpkin spice lattes and butternut squash soups are the must-have flavors of fall, so why not let them inspire your new hair color as well?

Give your blonde balayage a quick refresh by using a toner in copper or ginger shades. It's easy to go back to the blonde you love as the shade will fade over time and will reveal your favorite blonde again!

I Want: Hair Styling

Isn't it wonderful to have well-groomed, well-combed hair?

How we present ourselves to the outside world has a significant impact on our psychology.

Part of your overall styling is also the styling of your hair, as many times a nice outfit alone isn't enough.

So, play around with accessories, low buns, and braids in your hair to complete your style.

I Want: Organized appointments at the salon

Always book an appointment for your next visit at the hair salon during each visit, as advised by your hair expert.

Scheduling your appointments in advance will help ease your stress of last-minute booking, ensuring availability when you truly need it.


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