Curly Hair: 5 Mistakes B.A.M. Hair Salon Experts Recommend Avoiding for a More Youthful Look.

You feel that your curls are shapeless, dry, limp and heavy.
Avoid those 5 mistakes and get shiny , gorgeous curls!

You feel that your curls are shapeless, dry, limp and heavy.

Curly hair is naturally more dehydrated.

Whether you have thin or thick curly hair, there are some mistakes you still might do, and you don’t get the curls you want.

Below we list 5 mistakes you might be doing with your curly hair that make it look unhealthy and you look a little older.

1. The length of your hair

We have noticed many times that women are unaware of the benefits of changing the length of their hair, and so they insist on keeping their hair too long for decades.

Too long curly hair will keep the weight all the way to the ends and lose the natural volume at the root.

As a result, the volume that your hair texture can provide around your face's perimeter is lost. So, your hair descends downwards, creating the illusion that your facial features are descending downwards too.

You don’t have to change your lengths dramatically, except in some cases that can be discussed during your diagnosis with our hair experts (e.g. very thin curly hair with thinning).

As a result, you can keep your long hair, but with the right haircut with layers, you can give your hair movement and vibrancy and give the appearance of lifting your eyes and cheekbones.

2. You neglect specialized treatments for curly hair.

Normally, regardless of hair type, treatments are everything for the vibrancy of your hair.

You should not forget to do a hair treatment once a week at home and once a month a specialized curly hair treatment at the salon.

To help you understand the importance of the treatment, we will ask you a simple question:

If you had acne on your skin, would you try

1) Cover it with make-up?

2) Would you treat it from the inside out with a treatment recommended by your dermatologist?

If you answered the latter, then you would already understand the importance of hair treatment.

At B.A.M. Hair Salon we treat hair like skin, which is why we suggest you start practicing a routine of treatment at home and at the salon for longer lasting results.

3. You are using the wrong products

For shiny, hydrated hair, a variety of hair products, from cleansers to styling products, is crucial.

If you are using a foam or gel to separate your curls, then we suggest you try something new.

Instead of a gel, a styling cream for curly hair will moisturize your curls and will keep them moving, elastic and separated.

Plain gel or commercial hair foam on the other hand will dehydrate the hair more and the final styling will be an almost wet look with hard and heavy curls.

Not switching to quality hair products, will permanently create a vicious cycle of bad styling experiences thus believing that your hair is poor quality, and you will continue to maintain a bad hair style for years.

4. You do not use a diffuser

As nice and carefree as it is to let hair dry on its own, it's not always the best solution.

Diffusing curly hair is the most effective way to reduce frizz.

Even if your hair is healthy, frizz gives the impression that your hair is dry and dehydrated, which will give the illusion that it is not healthy.

If you wish to know how to blow dry your hair correctly watch the video below:

5. Choosing the wrong color technique for your hair

A very popular hair colour technique in recent years is balayage.

If you are inspired by balayage photos of wavy or straight hair, you should be aware that the result will look nothing like what you see in the photograph when you wear your hair naturally.

And that's the goal: to be able to wear your hair in its natural form!

What we recommend as hair experts is to avoid subtle highlights and too light blonde colour for your hair. Instead, a subtle balayage without excessive highlighting will emphasize your curly hair!

You can also opt for thick highlights and multi-dimensional colour technique.

Thicker highlights, with a 2 tone lighter fade than your natural colour, can give a nice dimension to your curly hair.

As we said at the beginning, curly hair is more dehydrated by nature, so we recommend not lightening your hair too much because it will have the effect of making it look damaged and dry.

A multi-dimensional color technique in 2 shades close to your natural color is the best to give brightness, dimension and natural health to your hair!

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